Thursday, 14 June 2018

Using basic python syntax

We are learning to compare and contrast 2 different programming languages- JavaScript and Python. For JavaScript I used Codecombat and I solved quite a few challenges and screencastified my work. I understand that JavaScript uses case sensitive letters and I need to be very specific when I use the commands I have to use semicolons and parentheses at the end of the line. The curly brackets are written at the start and the end of a code to loop it if I can't be bothered writing it over and over again.
I have just started to learn to use Python today. I used python trinket to change the colour. I learn't how to move the circles that were there and how to change the colour. I also found out how to repeat the code so I made 6 circles instead of 3.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


We had handwriting today for the first time in years in class. I think you can already tell how it went.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Opinion piece.

Shared lunch, a Gods meal, but for us. While I stuff face my with food, some others can’t.

Kia ora.  As most people know celiac disease is a thing and you can grow out of it … MYTH! If you don’t know was it is, this is it: Celiac disease is basically where you react to gluten. Some people get it worse than others. When I mean that, basically, for some people, their throat swells up and their lips and tongue expand so it can be deadly. For others, their immune system plays up and they get sick a lot. Do you not know what gluten is? It is basically two components of wheat. And the worst thing is, that a lot of people are allergic to it.

Something else, that only gluten free people realize, is that the “mistakes”  those big food companies make. Lots of them just write MAY CONTAIN GLUTEN. They just do that so they don’t get sued if they add a bit in. But what they either don’t care about or they can’t be bothered thinking about it, it that this can be very bad for the celiac person eating it. Talk about false advertising! There is another thing that they sometimes write on food packets, though this one isn’t as bad. They tend to write “MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF GLUTEN. This basically means that the food is made in the same building as foods with gluten. You might be thinking, this won’t make a difference. What’s the chance of some gluten getting into it anyway?! Most likely, the chance is bigger than you thought. And what if someone that eats it, is really, really allergic to it?

Another annoying thing for people with celiac disease is the price differences. Just about all of the things you can by at the supermarket, is more expensive if it is gluten free. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. At the supermarket, a simple pack of 200g gluten biscuits is $2.00 but a gluten free 145g pack of biscuits is $4.00! Something else that can be not the best for gluten free people. If you go to the supermarket or somewhere and take out all of the gluten food and all the gluten free food and put them in two different piles, the pile with gluten free stuff is much smaller. And if you take a closer look at the gluten pile, you will see some foods and you will be very surprised by what you will find some simple things that have gluten in it. Some types of coffee, lots of types of sausages, Even some salt! About 1% of the population is celiac but 95% percent of gluten free people are undiagnosed. To people with this disease, or people that know a lot about it, this is a lot of people.

Though there is a solution. If food companies just made there gluten free food a bit cheaper and better quality, it will be fair for everyone.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cave Stream.

My feet were freezing, my hands cold from testing the coldness of the clear liquid that I would spend over an hour in. I gathered up my courage to jump into the water. SPLASH! It was, so, so, so... not too cold actually. Just you wait, I said to myself. A couple of minutes and I'll be as cold as the Yetis freezer.

I started wondering myself up the stream. I hear a splash and a scream I look behind me, but I don't have to. I already know what has happened, somebody fell in! It's not the first time, and it won't be the last! I look around, and I see a large dark circle on the wall, darker than the surrounding space. I look closely and realize that it is a side cave! In no time at all, I had scurried up there. I felt my legs, or at least I tried to. As soon as I had got up, everybody else has to. We then would all get back down again, though every few minutes, we would find another one. In one of these, we all had to turn our lights off. I remember that darkness still. I was so peaceful... Until someone just had to yell out BOO! UUUGGGHH!

When we all heard the rushing water getting louder, we knew we had encountered yet another waterfall. I would trie a few times to get up. Sometimes I would succeed, sometime, a couple of adults would have to drag me up. The water would be so strong that I would never touch the rocks, as the water would keep pushing me away. We kept on moving until we didn't have to rely on the light given by our torches. I remember, climbing up the last little, though fast flowing waterfall, running up to a big great rock and lying down.

A great experience to say the least. A view to last a life lime. The best adventure around. A memory to never forget. Whatever you want to say, that day will stick in my mind for my whole life. From my legs being numb just about the whole time to climbing/being dragged up a waterfall, to the thrill of having to crawl ten metres, fifteen metres of the ground, on a less than a metre wide ledge, holding nothing but a chain. It was a real adventure.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Can The Referee Always Be Right?

I write this for my writing test and I only had 45 minutes to do it. Hope you enjoy!

You have all been to a sports game, right? Either a friends game, you younger brothers or your own. If you have, then do you ever remember a referee making a good call? No, probably not. But of course, you remember all the bad calls. That’s the thing about being a referee. No one remembers the good things you do but they always remember the bad things. If you don’t believe this, then type up worst referee calls ever. It comes up with so much stuff! But then if you type up best referee calls ever, all it comes up with is bad calls.

Hi, my name is Sinead and I am talking about referees and how they can’t always be right. Whatever a referee does, he or she is still going to do something wrong. They can’t help it. Even if the call is right, one side will be happy… while the other side won’t be. They have to go with their gut instinct, but what if a player is blocking their path? Or they are standing in the wrong place? An example of this is once in a soccer world cup, someone shot a goal, it hit the top of the goal… bounced on the goal… and bounced back out. He had to rely on what he saw but he was standing right in front of the goal so he couldn’t see! After that, he was sacked and came down as one of the worst referees in history. Was it his fault that he couldn’t see? No. There should be more cameras recording the game, and if the referee is stuck on a call, they should be able to rely on the camera.

Another example of this is when, in a women's basketball game, someone took a shot and fell over by the force of it, and just a few milliseconds before that, a person from the other team rushed past and the ref thought it was a foul.

If you are a referee and you haven’t done anything wrong, ever, then you must either be a superman, or you’re just plain lying. No matter what you do, 50% of people will like your call and 50% won’t. You can’t change that, just do what you can do.

I hope that by reading this, you will think about the troubles that referees go through and if you have ever seen or heard a ref make a bad call, just remember that it is not the referee's fault and once he or she makes the call, they can’t change it.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Nuclear Free New Zealand

Nuclear Free New Zealand

You all know that New Zealand's nuclear free, right? But do you know how it happened? In the 1984-1989, David Russell Lange was the Prime Minister and, to put it simply, he HATED nuclear power.

So what he did was, first get his word out to the public and there was a huge debate on it. Many people have said that the debate was like the “David and Goliath story. New Zealand I David and the USA is Goliath. Everyone was surprised when we won and we became nuclear free.You might be thinking that, without nuclear power, we can’t defend ourselves if there is a WWIII, but we can. Even though the USA did not at all agree with us going nuclear free, they are still our allies and they will protect us if we will be attacked. I am really glad that New Zealand has no nuclear power. We don’t like it that much, that if a USA ship comes near us, even if it has only a little bit of nuclear power, we have to send them straight back.

I hope you believe me that it is good that we are nuclear free.